Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (LMS)

I have been getting many questions about Cisco Prime Infrastructure when teaching Cisco Prime LMS. Hopefully, the following will clear up the confusion.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a recent member of the Cisco Prime for IT portfolio. It provides planning, configuration, availability, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting of wireless and wired networks. As of February 18, 2013, Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 became the latest release of the software, and is the recommended upgrade path for customers using Wireless Control System (WCS) and Network Control System (NCS).

Cisco Prime LMS

Cisco Prime LMS

Cisco Prime LMS

Cisco Prime LMS 4.2 is the most recent version of Cisco’s most popular network management software. It simplifies the configuration, compliance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and administration of Cisco wired networks. Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 is also the recommended upgrade path for Cisco Prime LMS despite the fact that it does not contain all of the LMS functionality.

The current licensing requires customers to install both Cisco Prime Infrastructure and LMS as two separate images if they want to maintain the features available in LMS. In fact, when I installed Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 and 1.3 in the lab, I discovered that these images are actually newer versions of Cisco Prime NCS. With each release, more and more features from LMS are being included.

Rumor has it that Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 will finally merge NCS and the rest of the LMS features into a single image. It is being designed to manage global enterprise networks. Reportedly, it will support thousands of network devices and hundreds of thousands of access devices. Until then, Cisco Prime LMS 4.2 is not end-of-sale, and will more than likely be around for a while until the features are fully integrated.

Currently, there is no training for Cisco Prime Infrastructure, however Ascolta offers the following courses:

CWLMS – Cisco Prime LMS 4.x (4.0, 4.1, and 4.2)

NCS – Cisco Prime NCS 1.1

IUWMS – Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services (WCS)


If you’re interested in reading a little more check out Dan’s recent article on the history of CiscoWorks LMS, Cisco Prime LMS, and Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

Cisco Prime Training Class

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0

On Sept 3, 2013, Cisco made Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 available on their download site. Stay tuned for more information.

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Dan Stanton is a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor and has been teaching for Ascolta since 1995.


  1. Hello Dan

    Did you install LMS 4.2 and PI 1.2 on the same box, I am wondering if I need an ip for each, I am just starting to migrate from WCS and am getting confused.

    • I installed LMS 4.2 and PI 1.3 as two separate VMware images. Each application must have its own IP address.

  2. Martin Dean says:

    Hi Dan
    As the author of CWLMS4.0, are you involved in the writing of the new CWLMS / NCS class ‘Prime Infrasturcture 2′?
    Jim (R) at Cisco alluded to the new course on the CCSI forum and several other CCSIs who seem to be in the know – Frank form NL, say that training for PIv2 will be launched Q3 2013, is this your understanding?
    Have you seen any advanced (test) version / screen shots of PIv2? Is the front portal going to be more like NCS or LMS or PI 1.3 or something different.
    Do you know how they plan to market the PIv2 class, will it replace CWLMSv4x and WMNGIv1.1? Will it be for the wireless or wired world? I suppose they could update the classes CWLMSv4.0 to PILMSv2 and the WMNGIv1.1 to PINCSv2 – any comments?

    • We are not involved in development of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure training and I don’t know when it will be available or what it will look like. I have downloaded the evaluation copy of CP 1.3 and I am currently experimenting with it in the lab.

      • Martin Dean says:

        Do you know if Jerome at FastLane get it, he writes the majority of wireless classes, or possibly GigaWave?
        I am assuming that CP1.3 still needs LMS on a seperate server.

      • Martin Dean says:

        Is Cisco looking to update the CWLMS class to 4.2.3 as CP2 will not have the full functionality for several iterations of the v2.x?
        Cisco say they will still market 4.2 for a while after CPIv2.x. So they should be updating the class to match the released software, as it now 2 years old.

        • I agree, but doubt that Cisco will update the CWLMS course for the 4.2.3 version. However, the look and feel of LMS 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2 are similar enough that the existing course material works. I run the latest version of LMS in Ascolta’s lab and point out the differences and new features as I teach the class.

  3. Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.4

    On July 31, 2013, Cisco made Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.4 available on their download site. It is the latest version of the software which includes features from Cisco Prime Local Area Network Management Solution (LMS) and Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS).

    Cisco Prime Infrastructure actually had two different graphical user interfaces:

    The Classic view closely corresponds to the graphical user interface in Cisco Prime Network Control System 1.1 or Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS).

    The new Lifecycle view is organized according to home, design, deploy, operate, report and administer menus.

  4. Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0

    On Sept 3, 2013, Cisco made Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 available on their download site. I am planning on downloading an evaluation copy next week to see what it looks like. Stay tuned.

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